Andi Forness

When I started dating again at 41, I found myself over analyzing everything, going through the motions of swiping right and left, getting super annoyed with guys that didn’t make plans, responding to less than stellar profiles and spending my precious free time in boring coffee / happy hour dates.

If I found myself in a relationship, I would be "fixing the guy" or doing all the work to keep it alive and moving forward. It was soul sucking and I would quit to only start again three months later.

Then I realized that I had to have a clear and focused step by step plan so that I (and then my clients) could find go from Stalling in Love to Falling in Love quickly online.

If you're ready to successfully use online dating in a broken down in a systematic method with to find a great guy you're attracted to on all levels then book a call with me to see how I can help you. 💕.

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  • Founder of a Rec Rollerderby league in Austin, Texas that has now gone international 🌎

  • I spell so poorly ⬇️ that autocorrect 🙏🏽cannot help ever

  • My boobs 🥥🥥 look fake but I really just invest in $$ bras!

  • I love animals 🐾 a little more than my kids...😬

  • The only one in Los Angeles with pilgrim dress for their 8th grade graduation 🤦🏻‍♀️